Teacher’s role in Modern Education

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The status of the teacher has been immensely elevated on account of modernization of education. It includes duties and privileges also. The teacher’s role has gone beyond the classroom. The teachers, today, is privileged to have a say in the framing of a curriculum as well as a role to play in the school administration.

Now, he is in a position to work effectively in the community and to contribute to its academic growth and social progress. Quite in tune to this, he is required to help in strengthening home. It is his duty to accept the learner as he/she is and to help the learner in meeting those needs which are not being provided at home or elsewhere.

In this country, an effort is being made everywhere to discover tools and procedures for forecasting the growth of teachers who are trying to teach on the growing edge of learner’s lives. A movement has been already initiated everywhere to establish good schools– a collection of the best of cultural factors that a community is expected to provide for its young – a place and a set of circumstance in which the learner finds opportunities to grow among his/her society’s best instruments, methods of communication, social usages and ideals.

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