This easy chinese massage will help you in so many ways

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Like acupressure, this Chinese massage can be done without the help of anybody. This can give you relief in headache as well as in sinus. But you have to know the right technique of this massage. You have to know accurately how to do it, if you want to get full benefits.

Here you can know about it:

The right way to massage: The center of the forehead should be massaged. This is also called the center point of the forehead. The great spiritual energy flows through it. You have to press it like the button of an elevator.

What science says about it: The M.R.I. technique proves that while massaging the center point of the forehead, all our body is effected. When the center point is massaged with loose hands; then our face, hands and the lower body acquires a pressure.

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Wrinkles will be eliminated and your metabolism will be strong: massaging the center point helps to lower the degree of headache and our metabolism becomes strong. This helps also in weight loss. Also it helps in overcoming the wrinkle problem.

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