Why we celebrate Navratri twice a year?

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Navratri has just started to worship Shakti-Goddess Durga. I wish to all of you Happy Navratri pray to god to have great future ahead with good health and prosperity. You feel the melody of bhajans and kirtans all round which gives a pleasant feel to us.

The dandiya nights of Gujarat are just awesome great to do the garba and dandiya on the beats of Falguni Pathak. I am lucky to be the part of the dandiya night. You should visit Gujarat in Navratri and see the excitement to the people gives you thrilling experience.India a country of diverse culture and in West Bengal Navratri is celebrated as Durga Pooja the cities, where beautiful pandals are being set up and I hope to get a chance and go there.

It comes twice in a year one is Ashwini Navratri (September-October) and the another one is the Chaitra Navratri (March – April).
Most of us are not aware of that Why it is celebrated twice a year? There are some reasons are as follows:
Change of seasons
If anyone of us has ever noticed both the Navratri come at the time of change of season. Just before the beginning of summer and winter.
Length of Day and Night
In March-April and in September-October the length of day and night is almost equal. As it a Scientific proof that it is celebrated exactly at the break of summer and winter.
Pleasant Weather Both the Navratri is celebrated when the weather is pleasant neither scorching summer nor chilly winters perfect time for celebrations.
Lord Ram Pooja
In Hindu Mythology is to be believed that it is to be celebrated in the break of summer only but when Lord Ram had war with Ravan, he did not wait to take the blessing of Goddess Durga for another 6 months so the tradition being started to celebrate before winters. Lord Ram did Durga Pooja before and went to Lanka, returned victoriously.
I hope so my reasons are suitable enough to let you know about the reason behind to celebrate Navratri twice in a year. The significance remains the same and the time is symbolic.

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