Karva Chauth: Why do only females fasting?

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Karva Chauth celebrated yesterday and most of the ladies have fasted for their husband good health and long life. One thing comes to my mind only females have to do fasting for the whole day, without food and water. Is it just? As both male and female are equal? Then why females bear the pain of fasting? Males don’t want good health and long life of their wife. Is it so or not? Think for a while. It sounds weird to me.

There are different types of fasting described in our Hindu culture. Like to a good husband do Lord Shiva Ji 16 Monday fasting and some people also say that the ore you do the fasting the chances to get good husband increases. It’s just a believer. We are not getting any guarantee. It is only for females. Tell me you have seen any man doing fasting so as to get a prospective bride. Till now I have not seen. If anyone of you has seen let me know.

Who has made these kinds of rituals?

All trouble is given to the females. It is not easy to fast. In my family, my grandmother does not believe in these kinds of rituals so my mother does not keep Karva Chauth. According to time if we worshipping God then why to do when we are hungry at that time we will not able to concentrate on the pooja. In our country, these kind of fasting are very trending and known by different names like in Rajasthan- Gahngor, Punjab- Karva Chauth. I want to ask there is some guarantee given if you fast and your wishes get fulfilled. Just fasting for a whole day can get long life and no one will die. Husbands don’t realize that their wife takes a lot of trouble to fast and the wife is so great taking the trouble.

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Let it be it’s their problem but if I would at their place I would have ordered my husband too fast for me. Festivals of fastings are a beneficial businessman who deals in ladies items like clothes, make up material and many more. So fasting should be there but from both sides by females as well as males.

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