How I decided on my career goals?

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Many questions come up in the mind while deciding the career. What to do? Which field should select Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce or Arts? Parents pressure about the field of study. After handling all the issues then we are ready to move on the path of our destination.

It’s not easy to decide about your career. Every one of us has to face the crucial situation. A wrong decision may ruin your life. The student should gather all the information about different fields of study. They can take the help of teachers, senior students, and internet. Then match you with skill, ability, and interest and choose the field of study you want to study with a stress-free mind. You may face some situations in which you find yourself confused but you should the answers to the questions that are confusing you because confusion Leads to Clarity.

On the way to achieve your career goals you may find difficulties and at one point in time you will become helpless and kneel down to the problems. This is not the time to lose hope but to fight back as a fighter.

I am sharing an experience with my friend Ishita with you. Ishita is 4 years senior to me. She is a dedicated and hardworking person. She has the desire to do so something beneficial for our country so she started preparing for IAS very difficult to crack. She has given 5 able attempts of the exam but not able, her willingness to clear the exam has not got down. She has made her mind to be an IAS officer.

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Hope so the example of my friend will help you and you will gain some positive experiences which will be useful to you. It’s important to be focused and determined.

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