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MERI KAHAANI MERI JUBAANI; My Journey from village to IIT Delhi

super30 ex student pankaj
This story is about my tryst with the SUPER-30. Education begins at home, they say. For me, it began with a man named Dr. Mubarak Hussain, “Head Sir”, as we used to call him. He was the founder of a private school, which was the only entity that provided English medium studies (NCERT Pattern)...

10 Tips to control anger

control anger
Controlling your anger is a challenging task. In fact, you should take time out for you understand the root cause of your anger. Moreover, make the use of I statements to stay in control. Do you burst when someone cuts off you in the traffic? What do you know about anger? Anger is a...

5 Moments you want disappear from your family functions

Sometimes you have stuck in some awkward situation in your family. In fact, in this situation, you try to make excuses to skip your family functions. Moreover, you make such funny excuses. You laugh at them when you are alone. Somehow, your mom forces or with the request of cousins you have to join...

10 Best Gifts to your Girlfriend on the first date

Hey guys, anyone of you is planning for a date with your girlfriend. If, its first date you may be confused for the gifts. However, this situation is a difficult situation for a boyfriend to buy a gift for girlfriend. Especially, both are going on her first date. However, it is universal fact that...

Role of Education in Freedom of Thoughts

Freedom of Thoughts
According to there is a close connection between the role of education and freedom of thoughts. Every one of you knows that education is important for us. Somehow, you are using it in a right way or not. I think so some of you may run from this question. This is the truth; most...

Famous People and their reading habits

Reading is a good habit. Every one of us should read books. You should read the books you like. However, You should not copy others. Even, You can get the best stock of books on the online book rental library. In India, there are many online book rental libraries. You can Google and get...

Five marriage lessons from a father to daughter

marriage lessons
Every daughter has a feeling that her father is a superhero. I think the same. She always looks up to her father for the advice. Father guides, motivates and supports her daughter. Father and daughter have a special bond from birth until the later years of life. Marriage is an exciting and happy occasion. On...

Greatest Gift I got

The Greatest I got from God is my mother, Thank you God! I am very thankful to my mom, Who gave me birth and brought me home! She makes delicious food for me, Sandwiches, Cakes, and Macaronis When a dispute arises between me and my brother, The only women who settle it is my mother! When I will...

Loving Mom

Loving Mom
Thank you, mom, for the love, support and care Which in this world is quite and rare For being my guardian and guide On those sad days when I cried I am proud of you because You never gave up when times are hard You kept going forward through it all yard by yard You never let others change who you...

Welcome- The Autumn Season

Skies are yellow blue and red Have all the colors of the rainbow A child in a house lying on bed With boredom stares out of the window In the garden below No Birds, no nests on the trees Just a few red and yellow leaves An old man standing with his broom Seems like a bride with her groom Trees are standing...


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