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10 Tips to control anger

Controlling your anger is a challenging task. In fact, you should take time out for you understand the root cause of your anger. Moreover, make the use of I statements to stay in control. Do you burst when someone cuts off you in the traffic? What do you know about anger? Anger is a healthy and normal emotion. However, uncontrolled anger is dangerous for health and relationships.

Here are the 10 tips to control your anger are:

1. Think before speak

In heat moment, you easily say something but regret later on. However, you should think for a moment before speaking. In fact, collect your thoughts before speaking something. More, you can allow others to involve in your anger situation.

2. Express your anger calmly

Shouting is not the correct way to express your anger. In fact, you should express your assertive and non-conditional way. You should state your concerns in a calm way. Somehow, describe the situation in a way that does not harm anybody.

3. Do Exercise

You should perform an exercise. However, this does not mean to do heavy exercises. In fact, you need to do physical activity to reduce stress level. In the morning spend some time jogging and do yoga. This is useful in controlling your anger.

4. Take time out

Timeout is not just for kids. You should take time for yourself. However, it is helpful in reducing your stress. A moment for you relaxes your mind. Therefore, you can proceed in life with a free mind.

5. Identify Possible Solutions

Instead, the issues that have made you mad. You should focus on the possible solutions to that problem. Prepare a schedule for everything. Apart from that try to remind you that anger is not a solution to everything. In fact, anger worsens the things.

6. Stick to I Statements

You should avoid criticizing and blaming others. However, this can increase your stress level. Therefore, you should make the use of I statements to describe the problem. More, you should be respectful and specific while describing your problem. Example-You can say, “I am upset that you have left the table without helping me with the dishes.” Instead, “You don’t do any housework.”

7. Practice skills to relax yourself

When your temper flares, then you can do skills to relax. Practice deep breathing exercises, imaging relaxing scene are some best options. Moreover, you can say, “Take it easy” to avoid your rising temper. A few yoga techniques are used to relax your mind.

8. Be Forgiving

Forgiveness is a powerful tool but most of us do not adopt it. Anger and negative feeling can crowd you. However, you should have forgiving nature. Apart from that, you should focus towards the positive feeling when negative feelings crowd your mind.

9. Use humor to relax you

You can use humor to relax your mind when you are angry. In fact, try to avoid sarcasm it may hurt you. However, you should imagine such things that make you laugh. As this increases the chance to reduce your anger stress levels.

10. Ask for help

Learn to control anger is a challenging task. Therefore, you can ask for help when you are not able to control your anger. More, your anger can become a cause of massive destruction around you. So, you can discuss with your friends and family to ask for help.

Conclusion: You should try to forgive others. However, anger is not a solution to every problem. More, anger can affect your thinking and it can create a rift between you and the people around you. What can you do? It is simple. You can follow these tips to control anger. Then, see the change in you.

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