Why School should provide Career Counselling Program?

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Why Career Counselling Program? Why it is necessary for school’s student? These are the questions which arise nowadays.

Career counselling program plays a vital role in a school to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills to the students. We are living in the competitive world. So, Career Counselling is the strategy for student’s future. It is the way to develop students with an excellent academy and interpersonal skills. And schools are the main door to gather a number of students in one roof. With the medium of teachers and school mentors, students encouraged and trained to participate in all such activities. Through assessment test and informative mentors will guide them for a future plan and give them an action plan for finding them better career which is an actual interest in them.

Career Counselling is the best way to provide them information about educational and career opportunities. It trains students in basic skills such as reading, writing and finding out a job application. It is the only program to providing information and courage to transfer their dreams into reality. By this career counselling develops their thinking ability. Through this getting a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

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Fortunately, by the grace of God the students have also been gathering one by one of the brilliant hues to be a part of career counselling program.

The importance of Career Guidance and Counselling has been time and again emphasized by various prominent educational bodies such as CBSE and NCERT.


The CBSE circular 66/2013 says:

“It has been decided by Board that all the schools affiliated to it, must provide guidance to students in senior secondary classes about prospective career options.”


The NCERT in it’s ‘Guidelines for Guidance and Counselling, Jan-2015’ says:

“The need for guidance and counselling for students emerges from the changes taking place in every sphere of life. Academic stress, poor academic performance, cut-throat competition, vast and varied educational and career opportunities and resulting confusion in making career choice………”


“The purpose of guidance and counselling services is to help each student develop as an individual in his/her own right, make choices and set goals on the basis of his/her strengths.”




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