Fears of Mathematics

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It is the truth that everyone is not perfect in everything but with hard work, practice and dedication we can make anything impossible to possible. I am talking about Maths a subject full of calculations alpha, beta, gamma, square roots, cube roots, profit & loss and much more. Not most of us might be good in mathematics as it is considered a tough task. Sometimes continuous failure in the subject and lack of understanding build up creates a fear for the subject. There may be some situations when the question assigned to you in the class you are not able to solve it but the whole class is able to solve the problem it’s the time when you start developing a feeling of inferiority and try to run away from the questions.

Look who is talking about the subject full of calculations that is Maths it’s me and in my school days, Maths was troubling subject for me. I was not good at Maths. On the day when I had Maths exam. I use to have ghostly dreams of the exam in the night. We all have fears from one thing or another but we should be a fighter. There was a dialogue in the My Name is Khan,”we should let our fears to be a burden on us that might hinder our development.” The dialogue was in Hindi I translated into English for you. It is not the issue about the language; you should understand it’s in-depth meaning if you’re not able to then watch the movie.

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I will like to share some suggestions which my teachers told How to make Maths as your Strength:
• To learn anything you should not forget that you have 24 hours with you and nothing is above it.
• Self analysis is important because there are some topics which are your strengths and some topics your weakness, work out on your weakness but don’t forget to make strong your strengths.
• Develop a habit to ask doubts even if the class have no doubts in the particular topic but you have. Don’t feel shy because doubts are enemies to your target. You know that most of the great ideas do not get their destination because what society will say?
• Believe in yourself that I can do it. The path is difficult but not impossible.

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I have shared the suggestions with you and these are lifetime experiences. I hope so it will help you out in coming out from the fear of Mathematics.

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