Will Nepal be able to get out of Child Marriage?

A report released by the humanitarian organization CARE Nepal, Nepal and Bangladesh child marriage ‘mis-culture’ picture shows. Early marriage of girls from physical, mental and social development is affected. The report says that about 15 million girls worldwide are married early. A total of just 20 to 24 years in Nepal, 41 percent of women in their 18 years of marriage before there was a 29 percent of girls aged 15 to 19 are married.

It is the latest when the legal age of marriage for girls is 20 years in the country. According to the report, the practice of child marriage usually is in lowland areas and some western regions. First, here is the lack of awareness about the minimum age, or social norms and values become part of child marriage is over. In addition, significantly more prevalent in disadvantaged groups such marriages because of early marriage, dowry has to reduce them. However, Nepal has recently drafted a national strategy against child marriage in which girls, in particular, seeks to empower economically.

The quality of education and to educate men and boys, families and communities to unite, to implement laws and policies such as the provision included. Of course, these are worthwhile goals, but by then it may not be effective unless they are taken seriously and not on the ground.

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To eliminate the roots of marriage need a multi-faceted effort, under which poverty, illiteracy, to address problems such as prejudice against women. In recent years, to improve the status of women in Nepal has made great progress. Girls in urban areas are now beginning to catch up with the boys. Early marriage is out of their imagination. Unfortunately, rural areas is not a pleasant picture. Concerted efforts to eliminate this social evil is needed.

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Source-Hindustan Paper

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