Positive visualization techniques exercises for your daily life

Visualization techniques refer to the act of seeing pictures in your mind or creating pictures in your mental plane. It doesn’t need much effort but just a little. Visualizing something pleasant in your mind helps you to get in a pleasant mental situation. And with this pleasant mental situation, you can create a pleasant objective frame for the outside world. I stated in my previous articles how the mental condition affects our physical world. Our thoughts are the creator of our outside world.
Here is the subject of the mental atmosphere. The mind of a depressed and hopeless person have a mental atmosphere that is full of negative emotions. And as it is hard for the humans to breathe in an atmosphere full of unpleasant gases, same happens with our mind. Our mind cannot breathe well i.e. work positively in an unpleasant mental atmosphere.

The art of visualization techniques helps in achieving a perfect mental atmosphere. And hence a perfect outside world for us to live in. Our situations in life change as soon as the mental atmosphere changes. When one sees a pleasant thing, a pleasant mental picture is framed in his mind that makes the things in his mental plane pleasant.  Here is how you can do it with the help of the act of VISUALIZATION techniques.

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Get yourself in resting position. Breathe some deep breaths to calm yourself. Now close your eyes and visualize the following, creating a mental picture with affirmation.

  • I am successful in every field of my life.
  • I am positive and have a strong will to reject negative emotions.
  • I am absolutely fearless and nothing can harm me.
  • I reject out all worries. I am cheerful in every situation of my life.
  • I am calm and self-controlled.
  • I perfectly master my emotions and I know how I should feel.
  • I am at ease every time of the day. I know I am perfectly calm in difficult situations.
  • I master my surrounding.I know how to control and alter my atmosphere.
  • I love myself. People love me the way I am.
  • I am protected and have no fear of anything.

NOTE it visualization is the key. You have to create a mental picture according to your understanding with every statement. Like if you are saying “I’m fearless.” Create a mental picture of yourself jumping off a high cliff in the water. Overwhelm yourself with the feeling of being fearless. And with a regular practice, you will see the effect of this exercise in your life.

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